It's Your World (J Dilla)

by LilyFangz

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Lily Fangz on It's Your World by J Dilla for fun and promotional uses only


Little girl won't you open your eyelids
the sun is shining pretty bright up in your iris
so open up your eyes kid
cause the sky is smilin for YOU
and the whole big world
that you have to explore
it's just a matter of opening up the door
just open
knock knock
cuz your dreams are right in front of you
so watcha gonna do
step forward
step forward
keep movin
keep movin
keep steppin
keep reading
keep breathin
think about
all you got and all that you believe

I'm not tryna drop knowledge gotta pick it up first
flow unrehearsed
while I've got the thirst
to jump in head first
until I'm fully submersed and get well enough versed
to speak my own truths
and write my own routes
and make my own maps
I'll make I'll make my owns maps
so little girl
little girl
I'm talkin to you
go open up your eyes and show the world what you can do
cuz I know
truth is your desire
is to send your whole entire soul straight through the wire
and let them see how all your mental notes perspire
your flyer
than all the paper bills and the magazines
all these hurt ass egos need their remedies
and the recipe
is what your lookin at
what is blarin in the back with the speakers when theyr bumpin phat
put it down put it down yo
put it down with a spoon full of sugar
a spoon full of bass
a spoon full of soul put a smile on your face



released December 3, 2013